Scale-Up Programmes


Aims to help avert the talent shortage crisis, with a mission to improve the life chances of students by giving them access to inspiring business leaders in their community.

F4S offers a free nationwide service that enables teachers to connect with leaders of successful, growing businesses via role model events, careers fairs and workplace visits.

The Founders4Schools platform has ushered in a new era in educational impact reporting. In 2015/16, the charity announced 10,000 business leaders and exceeded 100,000 student-employer encounters. It has national coverage. Outcomes from a single one-hour session: 96% are inspired by the speakers, 87% wish to go into business (against 60% average), 54% are keen to go on to study STEM subjects (twice the national average). The cost of delivery is approximately 1/1000 of traditional methods. If all teachers used F4S, this would imply that the number of children interested in STEM would increase by 1,332,000 and the percentage of children interested in business would increase by one million.

This programme is associated with Recommendation 5 of the Scale-Up Report.

If you know any national or local scaleup programmes that you want to recommend as a potential case study for the Institute to consider please do get in touch: