Scale-Up Programmes

Future Fifty (Tech City UK)

Selected from an open competition by an independent panel of experts, 50 of the most promising growth-stage digital firms based in the UK are provided with up 24 months of comprehensive, bespoke support designed to foster their continued growth.

The programme is driven fully by the needs of the companies. It facilitates access to government (for example, support on immigration, taxation, or policy issues) and combines this with private sector advice and support, such as on access to talent, finance and London’s capital markets.

Cohort revenue and growth metrics are aggregated alongside internal programme performance metrics such as volume of direct company support rendered, number of independent events delivered and depth of press coverage. There are halo effects, as future growth entrepreneurs are inspired by success stories from the cohorts.

This programme is associated with Recommendation 2 of the Scale-Up Report.

If you know any national or local scaleup programmes that you want to recommend as a potential case study for the Institute to consider please do get in touch: