Scale-Up Programmes

General Assembly

A global community of individuals that delivers best-in-class, practical education in technology, business, and design

Since its founding in 2011, General Assembly has placed more than 90 per cent of its job-seeking graduates in full-time roles within 90 days of graduation from its full-time immersive programming in web development, user experience design and product management. The company also offers part-time courses in business, design and tech for individuals looking to “level-up” in their current job or gain the skills necessary to pursue a new career. A global alumni network connects professionals across industries and locations.

Success is also measured by solving employer talent needs through creating new streams of talent, and through providing training opportunities for current employees.

This programme is associated with Recommendation 6 of the Scale-Up Report.

If you know any national or local scaleup programmes that you want to recommend as a potential case study for the Institute to consider please do get in touch: