Scale-Up Programmes

Manizales-Mas, Colombia

A four year initiative to dramatically increase the concentration of high growth entrepreneurship in the city, in partnership with the Babson Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Project.

Initially a collaboration of 11 stakeholder groups from the municipal government to private business leaders, from NGOs to universities, working to improve the societal factors that impact entrepreneurship.

A Scalerator programme for growth firms has focused heavily on boosting sales, along with networking between entrepreneurs and mentoring opportunities, access to markets, export, access to appropriate finance etc. The 40 Scalerator companies have achieved average sales growth of 54%, created 703 new jobs, and generated total revenues of $25m with more than 50% spent locally.

There have been 18,200 attendees of Manizales-Mas events and a 100% increase in total entrepreneurial activity in one year (as measured by GEM). The programme has led to a significant change in regional entrepreneurship culture and received national recognition.

This programme is associated with Recommendation 4 of the Scale-Up Report.

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