Scale-Up Programmes

LifeSkills, created with Barclays

Aims to ensure no young person is left behind by equipping them with core skills needed for the workplace, bringing together educators, businesses, young people and parents.

Provides educators with more than 55 hours of free curriculum-linked employability resources, interactive tools for young people to learn in their own time or in conjunction with their parents. Helps to improve access to work experience opportunities. 

LifeSkills is independently evaluated every year by the Work Foundation every year to assess the impact the programme is having on beneficiaries. In addition independent research with teachers is commissioned on an annual basis. Work Foundation evaluation found that 71% of young people felt more confident as a result of LifeSkills, 66% feel more confident about their future and 65% understand how to more effectively tackle problems.

In the three years of the programme, more than 2.6million young people have participated. More than 29,000 educators have registered, including more than 72% of UK secondary schools.

If you know any national or local scaleup programmes that you want to recommend as a potential case study for the Institute to consider please do get in touch: