Scale-Up Programmes


A UK-wide portal for enterprise mentoring to enable businesses to connect with mentoring organisations local to them and take forward a mentoring relationship suitably matched to their needs. Mentorsme now has more than 120 mentoring organisations that house around 27,000 enterprise mentors.

From research conducted with those operating within Mentorsme, the British Bankers Association (BBA) has found that enterprise mentoring delivers positive effects on international expansion (65 per cent), on turnover (62 per cent), profitability (55 per cent), increasing products, markets and services (62 per cent), and productivity (67 per cent).

Alongside this is a strong recognition of the power of mentoring in helping investment readiness. Specifically, more than 75 per cent of all businesses report a strong increase in business and financial planning with the BBA mentoring programme within Mentorsme.

This programme is associated with Recommendation 8 of the Scale-Up Report.

If you know any national or local scaleup programmes that you want to recommend as a potential case study for the Institute to consider please do get in touch: