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Sharing in Growth (SiG)

Sharing in Growth (SiG) is a £250m programme set up in 2013 to deliver intensive development to UK suppliers in the aerospace industry. Its mission is to drive the productivity of the sector to compete globally, securing 10,000 jobs by 2020.

Intensive development tailored to individual business need

With 3,000 companies and 230,000 highly skilled employees, the UK aerospace sector is the second largest in the world and the European leader, generating substantial revenue and economic growth. The sector is expected to double in size over the next 10 years requiring a supplier focus on competitive performance. ONS data highlights a divergence between turnover growth of five per cent year-on-year (2012-2015) and Gross value added (GVA) which remained largely flat. One explanation for this is that despite an increase in orders, the UK industry is capturing a lower share of product value in respect of wages and profits

Sharing in Growth UK Ltd was established to take advantage of this growth opportunity by providing substantial support to ambitious and innovative businesses. At its heart is an intensive four-year supplier programme in leadership, business strategy, manufacturing processes and business planning. Concentrated training and development programmes are tailored to the assessed needs of each supplier with the aim of delivering world-class standards of performance.

In addition to considerable public sector support, Rolls Royce is the principal private sector sponsor, providing knowledge and expertise to participants as well as access to the company’s production system. Other partners include Boeing, the National Aerospace Technology Programme, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, and the National Physical Laboratory.

The programme provides core funding to each business project over four years. The businesses show their commitment by matching the cost of this with an equivalent in-kind contribution, typically the cost of their people being trained over the four-year period.

Following a diagnostic assessment, a bespoke plan of action is developed for each business to generate improvements across areas such as business strategy, leadership skills, financial management lean production systems, supply chain management and cost optimisation.

Companies with turnover between £10m to £40m are expected to benefit most from the level of intensity associated with the programme. To date, 59 companies have been involved, with 52% now in the second half of the programme and impressive impact already demonstrated. Most have aspirations to double the size of their business.


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