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Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Employee Growth

Jones Homes
The Emerson Group operates a construction company, which builds residential, commercial and international property developments using its three divisions; Jones Homes , Orbit Developments and Emerson International , respectively.

Proximo provides a range of outsourcing services to companies operating in the insurance sector, including third party claims handling, and the management of incident responses.

Terry Lifts
Terry Lifts manufactures and installs a range of lifts, from goods elevators to wheelchair lifts.

Kinaxia runs a group of haulage and warehousing companies in the UK.

RSK Group
RSK Group provides consultancy and technical services to companies in the engineering and environmental sectors.

Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Turnover Growth

Sterling provides recruitment services in a range of sectors such as construction, finance and education, as well as accountancy services for self-employed contractors.

Williams Tarr
Williams Tarr provides construction services for a range of industries such as pharmaceutical, retail and commercial.

Kinaxia runs a group of haulage and warehousing companies in the UK.

Community Windpower
Community Windpower constructs and maintains wind energy generation farms.

M&S Logistics
M&S Logistics provides liquid transport services.

Local LEP ScaleUp Programmes

Cheshire and Warrington LEP delivers targeted services to businesses with the ambition and ability to scale successfully through its dedicated Growth and Skills Hub. Although the Hub does not have its own scaleup offer, it focusses on building a trusted relationship with a business and will work with multiple private sector providers to deliver high-value support that is right for the individual company and business leader.

A priority has been to create the right conditions for scaleups; for example, the LEO is supporting businesses to prepare them for working with a programme being locally run on behalf of Innovate UK. The LEP also works closely with all providers to ensure they tailor their support offer to particular business needs.

The LEP finds this model works very well and enables businesses to put the right combination of effort and resource into genuine and sustainable growth.

Scaleup Views

The key barriers to growth are access to talent, leadership development, access to UK markets and access to government procurement. They are looking for support through peer networks, Growth Hubs and local universities / business schools.

Top barriers to growth

  • Access to talent
  • Leadership development
  • Access to UK markets
  • Access to government procurement

want TO SEE more of:

  • Growth Hubs
  • Local universities/business schools
  • Peer networks
  • Public sector funding for innovation and R&D

The LEP is currently considering the next stage of development including options for seeking out businesses looking to grow. It has held discussions with a number of universities to ensure the best quality services are available to Cheshire and Warrington businesses. The LEP is also exploring the potential of importing other services from strongly-performing LEPs across the country.