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Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Employee Growth

Crown Crest
Crown Crest acts as a holding company for a range of businesses, including food distributors, cash & carry companies, and Poundstretcher , which was acquired in 2010.

AvailableCar sells used cars.

Mark Group
Mark Group provides products and services that increase a building’s energy efficiency, such as through insulation and cavity walls, as well as offering solar energy systems.

The AIL Group
The AIL Group operates two airline companies, Loganair and BMI Regional.

Ford & Slater
Ford & Slater operates a number of vehicle dealerships that sell and service DAF trucks.

Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Turnover Growth

Moran Logistics
Moran Logistics provides logistics and storage services and specialises in transporting food products in multi temperature vehicles.

Adept Care Homes
Adept Care Homes runs a number of care homes that provide residential care for the elderly.

Whitmore’s Timber
Whitmore’s Timber processes a variety of hardwood and softwood timber, producing planks and building components such as cladding and structural beams.

Bradgate designs and builds containers, modules and enclosures for the rail, power generation, utilities and oil and gas sectors.

Intelligent Energy
Intelligent Energy has developed low carbon fuel cell systems for use in the automotive, consumer electronics, and stationary power industries.

Local LEP ScaleUp Programmes

A team of Growth Hub advisers provide one-to-one general and specialist business advice, including in-depth advice on developing action and growth plans. The advisers currently provide tailored advice and support through a wide number of programmes within the LLEP area, ensuring access to services that encourage growth, innovation and finance. There is also a wide range of workshops and events covering areas such as accessing new markets, investment marketing, accessing finance and exporting. Business Growth Grants between £2,000 to £25,000 are available for a range of projects including introducing innovative technology products or services that improve business performance. The grants will provide 35% of total project costs. The LEPis delivering a Peer Network for high-growth businesses.

Scaleup Views

The key barriers to growth are External support & advice, Public sector support, Procurement/Supply chains and Markets internationally. They are looking for support through procurement contracts, Innovate UK, LEPs/Growth Hubs, public sector funding for innovation/R&D and DIT.

Top barriers to growth

  • Markets in the UK
  • Talent
  • Markets internationally
  • External support & advice

want TO SEE more of:

  • LEPs/Growth Hubs
  • Public sector funding for innovation/R&D
  • Innovate UK
  • Local or national government

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