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Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Employee Growth

P.D. Hook
P.D. Hook operates an agriculture and farming business with rearing, hatching and growing operations and supplies to the Poultry and Retail industries.

AirTanker manufactures and leases a specialised aircraft model that can be used to refuel other aircraft in mid-flight.

Lucy Group
Lucy Group operates a collection of companies; Lucy Electric , Lucy Real Estate , Lucy Zodion and Lucy Castings .

D’Overbroeck’s operates an independent day and boarding school.

Newton provides management consultancy services to a range of industries.

Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Turnover Growth

Oxford Gene Technology
Oxford Gene Technology develops and manufactures a range of laboratory tests for genetic profiling, as well as offering genetic testing services.

Reaction Engines
Reaction Engines has developed a lightweight heat exchanger, which cools hot air, for the aerospace industry. The company is also developing a hybrid rocket and jet engine, together with a spaceplane that can fly through space and the Earth’s atmosphere.

P.D. Hook
P.D. Hook operates an agriculture and farming business with rearing, hatching and growing operations and supplies to the Poultry and Retail industries.

The Learning Partnership.com
The Learning Partnership.com operates a social network aimed at teaching and learning about science, technology, engineering and maths.

Henley Rugby Club
Henley Rugby Club operates a number of rugby teams.

Local LEP ScaleUp Programmes

OxLEP supports potential growth businesses from inception through to established and is focused around three key programmes – eScalate and Innovation Support for Businesses Peer Networks and the Business Innovation Fund. The eScalate programme helps growth businesses to explore market opportunities, develop robust strategies and attract and retain the right talent as well as become investment ready. It is delivered through one-to-one support, workshops and webinars as well as a scaleup network created by Oxford Brookes Business School. eScalate also offers grants of between £1,000 and £25,000 to support business growth. Peer Networks is aimed at businesses with a proven capacity to scale and with five staff or more and £100k turnover. Delivered to small groups of scaleups, it includes interactive learning and one-to-won coaching. The programme has been so successful that a further two cohorts will run between through to March 2022.
In 2021 OxLEP Business launched its £2.2m Business Investment Fund Capital Grant Scheme. providing between £25k and £100k in matched grants to help businesses accelerate their transition to net zero and industry 4.0 smart manufacturing, alongside specialist business support. The scope of the selected 36 projects are diverse, including life sciences, refurbishment, hardware, and software.

Scaleup Views

The key barriers to growth are Talent , Markets and Finance. They are looking for support through Public sector funding for innovation/R&D, DIT and Innovate UK.

Top barriers to growth

  1. Talent
  2. Markets
  3. Finance

want TO SEE more of:

  • Public sector funding for innovation/R&D
  • DIT
  • Innovate UK

Following the success of the £2.1million Oxfordshire Business Investment Capital Fund, the LEP is exploring the potential to offer further grant schemes. It is also looking at Business Booster scaleup support covering masterclasses, one to one coaching and mentoring as well as peer to peer support targeted at pre-scaleups. This will help develop leadership, finance and governance structures.