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Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Employee Growth

AgilityWorks provides a range of IT support and digital consultancy services to businesses, specialising in SAP software and business analytics.

The Ethical Property Company
The Ethical Property Company manages commercial properties in order to provide working space for charities, voluntary groups and social organisations.

Rebellion develops video game for multiple formats such as Xbox 360 and iOS. 

P2i develops liquid-repellent nano-coating technology designed to completely cover 3D objects and protect from accidental submersion, humidity and weather. 

Gigaclear provides ultrafast broadband internet access using fibre-optic service to homes and businesses in rural communities.

Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Turnover Growth

Genomics has developed analytics for genome sequence data.

Adlens develops adaptive lens technology for eye wear, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Oxford Nanopore
Oxford Nanopore Technologies develops a range of portable DNA and RNA sequencing devices, that are also capable of characterising epigenetic modifications.

Nominet manages website infrastructure and operates the domain registry service for UK websites. 

Rapier recruits temporary and permanent staff for the transport and warehousing sector.

Local LEP ScaleUp Programmes

Oxfordshire’s Growth Hub helps design tailored programmes for scaleups, ensuring access to services that encourage innovation, finance and mentoring as well as delivering a range of workshops and masterclasses.

The £7.2m Innovation Support for Business programme is designed to help companies commercialise innovations, promote business investment in innovation and strengthening links between businesses and researchers. Additionally OxLEP has recently launched its £2.34m eScalate programme aimed at providing even more support for scale up companies-including grants and access to funding support.

Harwell Campus is a site where experimentation is encouraged and technology is developed that transforms people’s lives. Harwell, which is at the heart of the science, space and health tech sector, is an established beacon of global science and discovery. It regularly holds proof of concept funding rounds seeking to accelerate growth in science and technology companies locally.

Oxford Sciences Innovation is guided and powered by some of the world’s leading organisations. It has raised £600M from a diverse group brought together by a commitment to build thriving science and technology companies in Oxford.

Scaleup Views

The key barriers to growth are access to talent, access to international markets, access to equity finance and access to infrastructure/premises and broadband. They are looking for support through Growth Hubs, general business support from government and local universities / business schools.

Top barriers to growth

  • Access to talent
  • Access to international markets
  • Access to equity finance
  • Access to infrastructure/premises and broadband

want TO SEE more of:

  • Growth Hubs
  • Local universities/business schools
  • general business support from government
  • Innovate UK
  • Visas

With the largest cluster of R&D facilities in Western Europe, Oxfordshire is strengthening its ambition to nurture scaleups in high growth sectors – particularly life sciences, space and satellite applications, autonomous vehicles, high performance engineering, quantum computing and creative and digital sectors.