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Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Employee Growth

Red Eagle
Red Eagle provides recruitment services within a range of sectors.

Hallmark Care Homes
Hallmark Care Homes operates a number of care homes that offer nursing, residential and dementia care.

Commodity Centre
Commodity Centre provides warehousing and specialised storage services using controlled environment conditions.

Chartway Group
Chartway Group constructs buildings and development projects.

Ingrebourne Valley
Ingrebourne Valley provides a range of land reclamation and regeneration services, helping to revert industrial land back to farmland or natural habitat.

Top 5 Visible Scaleups by Turnover Growth

Smith & Ouzman
Smith & Ouzman prints secure documents for a range of clients such as universities, banks and governments; applying a variety of technologies to ensure security, such as watermarks and holograms.

BWE manufactures a range of machinery, specialising in cold welding machines.

Hallmark Care Homes
Hallmark Care Homes operates a number of care homes that offer nursing, residential and dementia care.

Wilmoths operates a Citroën dealership, which sells new and used cars and provides repair services.

Nurse Plus
Nurse Plus provides temporary healthcare recruitment and domestic care services. It also offers in-house training for staff supplied.

Local LEP ScaleUp Programmes

The South East is a very diverse area with different offerings for scaleups to meet specific needs. Scale UP Ashford launched in 2018 has now been copied in other areas of Kent. This provides a six-month bespoke programme of support beginning with a workshop for the entire cohort to introduce the programme and its concepts. Following the workshop the business coach holds an exploratory meeting with the individual businesses to conduct a survey and identify issues within the business which leads to a tailored plan of activity and targets/goals. Participants then receive intensive support with the business coach visiting them on a monthly basis to offer advice, support and planning to meet monthly goals and programme goals.

In areas of Essex under the BEST hub scaling businesses are offered 12 hours of fully-funded advice then referred to a wide range of external support providers and programmes. East Sussex is running three pilots focusing on increasing sales and improving leadership. Each pilot is being run by a different provider with slightly different approaches but all include a mix of peer-to-peer networking, workshops and intensive, specialist coaching and support.

Scaleup Views

The key barriers to growth are access to UK markets, access to talent and access to infrastructure/premises and broadband. They are looking for a range of support, including peer networks, local universities / business schools and local leadership development programmes, as well as from DIT and growth hubs.

Top barriers to growth

  • Access to talent
  • Access to UK markets
  • Access to infrastructure/premises and broadband

want TO SEE more of:

  • Local universities/business schools
  • Peer networks
  • Local leadership development programmes
  • Growth Hubs and LEPs
  • DIT

Ashford Borough Council looking to run a 4th cohort of the Scale UP Ashford programme. The BEST Growth Hub is building closer relationships with Anglia Ruskin University to pilot and develop a programme that supports companies to scale through academic and practical advice and peer-to-peer networking and the East Sussex pilots will be externally evaluated with the findings used to shape future programmes.