New data on local scaleup performance released

The UK’s total number of scaleup businesses – those companies who have increased their turnover and/or employee numbers annually by more than 20 per cent over a three-year period – has increased by nearly 12 per cent. Drawing on new data from the ONS, the number of scaleup businesses in the UK rose from 31,440 in 2015 to 35,210 in 2016.

Fresh data on scaleup performance across all local areas in the UK has also been released. “Unleashing up-to-date data means that we can all be increasingly effective in our engagement with scaleup businesses and harness our resources with more effect, impact and investment,” says Irene Graham, CEO of the ScaleUp Institute.

“Each area of the UK has its own dynamics and issues, so the importance of taking local, tailored actions to overcome the challenges faced by scaleups in their particular communities cannot be underestimated.”