Policy responses

The ScaleUp Institute works with policy makers to identify opportunities that will further support scaling businesses. It sets out the economic case and actions required to make Britain brilliant at scaleups, and responds to calls for evidence and consultations.

Responses to consultations

Financing Growth in Innovative Firms

We welcome the Government’s focus on scaleups in this consultation. The key is to turn it into targeted, appropriate and measured action to make the UK not only the best place in the world to start a business, but also to scale one.

UK Digital Strategy: request for submissions

Our response to the request for submissions from Digital Economy Minister, Ed Vaizey MP. It is essential that the Government’s new Digital Strategy takes account of the needs of scale-up businesses

Industrial Strategy Green Paper

Our response to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper, in which we called for a stable policy environment that builds on what already exists at an institutional and local level, and to learn from existing good practice.

Better Use of Data: consultation paper

Our response to the Cabinet Office Better Use of Data consultation paper notes that it is encouraging that the Government is determined to take forward further work in using data in even more effective ways.

Teaching Excellence Framework: written submission to BIS

Our response to the green paper on changes to the Higher Education landscape says that the new Framework must recognise that access to the UK graduate pool is critical access for scaleup businesses.