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Cambridge Angels [2022]

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Cambridge Angels is a group of more than 60 high-net worth investors who invest in and mentor high quality early-stage and scaling companies in Cambridge, London, Oxford and throughout the UK.

Typical funding requirements that Cambridge Angels meet are in the range of £150k to £1.5m – although several portfolio companies have raised significant follow-on funding from its members and the network’s VC partners over several funding rounds. There is a particular focus on deep-tech, and tools and technologies supporting healthcare.

The network’s membership has founded, invested in and led a large number of successful Cambridge-based companies in recent years, such as Abcam, Frontier Developments, Bango and Evi Technologies. Therefore, in addition to providing funding, Cambridge Angels also offers expertise, contacts and directly relevant experience to early-stage and scaling companies – in what it terms “smart capital from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.”

Emphasis is placed upon leveraging the collective experience of the portfolio and the angels.  Sessions are hosted in which angels and a network of professionals and associates provide portfolio companies with education sessions on topics such as exits and building leadership teams.

Cambridge Angels has invested in well over 150 companies in its 21 year history, with a current portfolio of 117 companies. 24 of the companies in the current portfolio are in the scaleup stage having received early-stage funding and support from Cambridge Angels at their seed stage and continuing to date. The network has supported scaleups such as Featurespace, Wazoku and Arecor.

According to the 2022 ScaleUp Index, Cambridge Angels is the top angel group that has invested in visible scaleups – with a participation of 44 investments between 2012-2021.

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