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Envestors [Annual Review 2020]

Finance and Risk Capital

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Envestors is a fintech company that connects investors and scaleup businesses. It was a new entry into the 2019 ScaleUp Index’s list of top investors in visible scaleups. 

Established in 2004, it is an FCA regulated finance adviser in the UK, operating an international network of investors investing an average of £42,000 in high-growth unquoted companies seeking £250,000 to £2m in equity funding. Its private network offers screened opportunities to angel investors. Envestors also executes £2m-£3m deals per year through family offices in growth companies with turnover in excess of £5m. To date, Envestors has invested more than £100m in over 200 companies, many of which have been through several rounds.

Envestors has contributed to 12 investments in six visible scaleup companies since 2010, worth a total of £76.1m. Of the 12 investments, six were repeat investments into two scaleups and four of the cohort have exited since receiving further follow on investment. Notable scaleups that have been supported by Envestors are Ebury and Chargemaster.

Its Envestry for Scaleups provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which can be used to automate the application process for businesses seeking support, showcase investment opportunities to investors in a secure area and allow its investors to track opportunities and manage their portfolio. 

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