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Innovation Accelerator Programme


Key sectors

Healthcare Life Sciences & Biotech

The Innovation Accelerator programme is a pilot programme investing £100 million in 26 projects to accelerate the growth of three high-potential innovation clusters in Glasgow, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands. Twenty-six research and development (R&D) projects will attract private R&D investment, create new jobs, boost regional economic growth, and develop the technologies of tomorrow. The programme is pioneering a new model of R&D decision-making that empowers local leaders to harness innovation in support of regional economic growth.

Partnerships of local government, business and R&D institutions in the three city regions have led on selecting the 26 projects, working closely with Innovate UK.

The projects will address local, national and global societal and environmental challenges. They range from developing health innovations to quantum technologies, and green technologies to secure a safe and resilient transition to net zero.More specifically:

  • Glasgow will boost extensive venture capital investment in key growth innovation sectors including advanced manufacturing, space, and precision medicine.
  • Greater Manchester will lead the way in sustainable advanced materials and manufacturing, digital and tech, health innovation, and technology to become carbon neutral by 2038.
  • West Midlands will accelerate R&D and innovation strengths to enable greener technologies and improved personalised and digital healthcare for all regions, while boosting supply chains and creating new local jobs.

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