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Since its beginning Level39 has expanded from a single storey in Canary Wharf’s iconic One Canada Square into an 80,000 square foot innovation space occupying the building’s 39th, 24th and 42nd floors.

The business focus is on fintech, AI, data, blockchain, smart cities, retail technology and cybersecurity. In addition with its Cyber39 group, Level39 brings together the UK’s largest collection of cybersecurity to work on projects designed to increase national and business security.

Level39 has a three-part offering for early-stage growth businesses in these sectors, helping them into scaleup stage through access to customers, talent and world-class infrastructure with in-built flexibility to meet their needs as they grow.

Canary Wharf Group – Level39’s owner – provides streamlined access to high-quality office space on flexible terms and a new development opening in 2023 will create a new district for scaling technology businesses.

As well as access to flexible infrastructure, Level39’s 200-plus businesses have a gateway to executive education provided by Fintech Circle and the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship as well as informal support from the UCL School of Management based on the 38th Floor. A roster of 200 mentors provide guidance and support.

Members are encouraged to work with one another, buy from one another, and collaborate. Regular meetups, networking events and member-only evenings encourage collaboration while mentors connect them to procurement departments and leads within financial institutions. Investors are invited to visit Level 39 on a regular basis and partnerships with crowdfunding platforms offer easier fundraising. Members raised $150 million in 2016 and almost $100 million in 2017.

Level39 has formal partnerships with China, Korea, Japan, Norway and the UK Government. A strong relationship with the Department for International Trade has resulted member businesses participating in trade missions.

Level39 measures its most immediate outcome of success as one of of the Level39 companies outgrowing Level39 and taking commercial office space elsewhere; some of these successes have included Revolut, Digital Shadows, Motive Partners, Behavox and Loot.


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