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Match-Maker Ventures [2021]

Access to Markets

Key sectors

Creative, digital, film, games & media Finance

Match-Maker Venture’s (MMV) ambition is to create a world where business collaboration has no borders. It is working to achieve this by guiding growing businesses and established corporations to each other, accelerating the process of collaboration.

Based in Vienna, MMV’s global network has now increased to around 120 Match Makers and it is active in more than 40 countries across Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia; in 2021 it entered the Latin American and Australian markets. In the past year MMV has expanded its horizon in financial services and insurance while keeping telecom at the core of its offering. Since 2015 it has partnered with over 30 scaleups and more than 100 startups to provide its sales training programme.
MMV’s approach is based on the insight that nine out of ten buying decisions are made with peer recommendations. Using that approach it matches its network members, who have executive experience in specific industries, understand the sector and access to corporate customers, to growing businesses and manages the collaboration process from end to end. MMV has introduced an internal Lead Identification and Account Management function responsible for collecting, analysing and validating the connections of network members. This approach and mindset enables MMV to make data driven decisions and to understand who has the best connections to which account on a global scale thus increasing its success rate and international footprint.

Portfolio companies are offered a phased programme based on the understanding that selling to large corporates is not a straightforward process but requires knowledge and preparation. As a result, businesses are initially offered a sales acceleration service that involves examining their business model, agreeing a sales approach and identifying target customers. Companies are also assigned an engagement manager.

In the second – market approach phase – match-makers approach priority companies and open doors, assess the likelihood of a deal and any barriers and perform sales activities alongside the company. In the full match-making phase MMV develops opportunities to close deals.
In 2021 MMV organised more than 15 deep dive sessions to help network members engage with scaleups. In September it held a virtual Match-Maker Meetup with 50+ participants focused on fostering collaboration among network members.

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