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Teach First: Careers Leader Programme

Talent and Skills

Getting Teachers ‘match fit’ for business to build a generation of careers leaders connecting future talent to opportunities

Teach First is building up its Careers Leader programme, successfully piloted in 2015/16. During the last academic year it worked with 116 teachers across nine English regions and has recruited a cohort of 178 for this year.

The programme is based on research which stressed the importance of developing the role of the careers leader in schools and making sure these leaders have the business knowledge necessary to give careers guidance.

After the pilot which pitched training at teachers at different stages of their careers, Teach First decided to focus on specific training for careers leaders.  In 2018 more online learning was introduced before and after sessions to respond to feedback that modules days were over long. Teach First also put a stronger focus on the career strategy/action plan work, producing clear guidance with milestones on how to write a strategy.

Evaluation of the second programme (2017/18) covering 43 schools from across the East Midlands, London and the South East/South Coast regions demonstrated positive results. 93% of schools involved now had a careers strategy and action plan and 94% had made progress against three or more Gatsby benchmarks; almost half made progress against six or more.  All participants reported significant improvement in their knowledge or careers provision and available resources as a result of the programme.

The ScaleUp Institute recognises the importance of a sustained focus on supporting the continual learning of teachers in evolving business skills and careers opportunities relevant to scaling businesses.