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Vistage [2022]

Leadership Capacity

Impact for scaleups


International community of members

x 2.2

Faster growth rate than average SMEs


Accredited expert speakers/thought leaders within the UK


Annual events and webinars on key scaleup challenges

Key sectors

Healthcare Impact ventures / Social Impact Life Sciences & Biotech Building & Construction Manufacturing / Advanced Manufacturing Creative, digital, film, games & media Professional services Defence & security Technology & Communications Engineering / Advanced Engineering Transport & Logistics Environmental Science & Technology Farming, fisheries & forestry Finance Food & drink

Vistage has been running confidential peer advisory groups for business leaders for more than 60 years, along with one-to-one executive coaching sessions with accomplished business leaders. 

Selected members meet in groups of around 12 and spend a day a month focusing on what makes the best leaders. Each group is led by a Vistage Chair recruited for their business background, scaleup knowledge and experience. The Vistage Chair also acts as a personal mentor and coach, meeting each member monthly on a one-to-one basis.

At the group meetings business leaders help each other solve challenges, evaluate opportunities and explore strategies in a safe and non-competitive environment and outside speakers share new and innovative ideas. Vistage has a network of 148 accredited expert speakers and thought leaders in the UK. It has delivered 20 UK-IRL events and webinars in the past year and 61 global webinars. 

Members report improved skills and confidence and marked improvements in business efficiency and growth. In 2022, Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than average small and medium sized businesses. 


“Since becoming a member, we’ve quadrupled the size of the business. I say ‘we’ as members go through the ups and downs of leadership to grow their businesses together. We also share the growth journey with the rest of our staff – as you can’t achieve success without their help.” Andrew Try, CEO – ComXo

”Since I joined Karndean, we’ve grown massively. We’ve trebled the business and quadrupled our profits with growth in new territories, such as Spain, and market segments, including the co-living space. It’s been a massively exciting and challenging 13 years with our incredible performance down to the products we make, and the people and strategy we employ. Vistage has definitely helped with that.” Paul Barratt, Managing Director – Karndean

“Since joining Vistage, and discounting the Covid years, Buzzworks hit its target to double the business by 2020, grew its headcount and achieved annualised sales of about 25m. It’s also been through a restructuring that will enable the business to double in size again. As I continue my Vistage journey with my peers, I’m confident it’s a target we can achieve.” Kenny Blair, Business Owner – Buzzworks

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