Creative ScaleUp Index

The Creative Industries are a key growth segment of the UK economy, and the sector today has over 1500 scaling businesses generating £20.2bn and employing 151,252 across all regions and nations of the UK. This Creative Scaleup Index highlights the key clusters of creativity around the country from East of England to Scotland, from the Midlands to the North, and from the South West to Wales. It further highlights our 359 visible creative scaleups who have broken through the £10.2m turnover threshold generating £11.5 billion and attaining a total of £1.8bn in investment – with 4 over 100 years old!

Our Creative ScaleUps are innovative, diverse and international with high growth and export ambitions, but need more help in breaking down barriers to access to markets; connectivity to finance and mentors who have scaled before. In this week where we celebrate the Creative Coalition and new funding for creative scaleup activity, get to know the creative scaleups in your area and how you can foster their further growth.