Scaleups in the communities

Scaleups are UK wide growth champions, who generate a total turnover of £1.1trn and have an average turnover of £32.6m per scaleup. In addition they employ 3.2 million people, with an average of 96 employees per scaleup and an average turnover per employee of £338k.

With 78% outside of London these scaleups are highly productive, innovative and international – generating 50% of the SME economy. We are pleased to see the following cities with growing scaleup numbers: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester.

The scaling pipeline also remains fairly constant with 16,830 scaling businesses employing 1.7 million people, generating £474bn.

Find out more about scaleups in the communities, their key challenges to scale and the National and Local support that is emerging from around the country.

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