Social Scaleups in the UK

A Social Scaleup is a social business that has achieved growth in revenues or employee headcount (or both) of 20%+ per annum over a three year period. Social businesses have attributes that align with both the Big Society Capital definition of a ‘Social Venture’ and the Social Enterprise UK definition, being businesses in the sector that are solving social or environmental problems through their trading activity. 

These social scaleups identify similar barriers to growth to their scaleup peers across the wider economy. Access to finance and growth capital, and to public sector support and funding for R&D and innovation, are higher priorities for social scaleups. 

In addition, they share the same level of demand as all other scaleups for access to non-executive directors, peer networks and mentors. They are more likely to also want local support from financiers and local universities.

The majority of these scaleups are forward thinking and are focusing on the future, beyond the pandemic, with 40% saying it has brought new opportunities. 

We’re looking forward to supporting and celebrating the growth of these scaleup, that are focused on people and planet.

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