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Across the North East and Yorkshire and the Humber region there are 2,970 scaleups with key clusters in Wholesale & Retail, Manufacturing and Health and Social Work. There are 1,435 businesses in the scaling pipeline growing between 15-19.99%.

There are 6 localities within this region and 5 combined authorities – North East, North of Tyne , South Yorkshire, Tees Valley and West Yorkshire. Over the eight year trend since monitoring began we see on a regional level:

  • The average of the region has remained stable at 36.1 in 2013 to 36.5 in 2021 in scaleup density. By comparison the national average increased by only 0.3 scaleups per 100k population during this time period.

More locally we observe:

  • York and North Yorkshire not only tracks above UK average since 2014, it has shown the highest increase in scaleup density in the 8 year period – from 39.7 in 2013 to 48.1 in 2021
  • There is a wide variation in how the localities are growing over the years in this region. While York and North Yorkshire has shown significant overall growth, Tees Valley has continued to struggle to improve the scaleup density