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Across the North West there are 3,415 scaleups with key clusters in Wholesale/Retail, Professional, Scientific & Tech, Admin & Support Services, Health/Social Work and Manufacturing. There are 1,735 businesses in the scaling pipeline growing between 15-19.99%.

As we assess the development across 2020 in local scaleup dynamics we see an overall slow down in scaleup growth in many localities and continuing regional disparities.

There are 5 LEPs within the North West and over the seven year trend since monitoring began we see on a regional level:

  • The average of the region increased from 39.9 in 2013 to 46.3 in 2020 in scaleup density (up 6.4 scaleups per 100k population). By comparison the national average increased by 8.5 scaleups per 100k population during this time period.

More locally we observe:

  • Cheshire and Warrington is the only LEP tracking above national average for the whole monitoring period. However, since 2017, it has shown a downward trend. 
  • Greater Manchester and Liverpool City Region are the 2 LEPs that have shown an increase in scaleup density in 2020.

Scaleups are seeking locally focused scaleup support with connectivity to national and international programmes and stakeholders as they grow. 

In the following pages we look deeper into three exemplar areas, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Liverpool City Region, within the North West highlighting the local dynamics and strategies that have been developed alongside the scaleup support that is available and what impact has been delivered for local scaling businesses.

Further insights on each LEP in the North West can be found in the Annex and a range of public and private programmes supporting scaling businesses in the North West on the scaleup support finder here.


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